Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brown Ambition

My mom told me that I’m not ambitious anymore. Maybe I have lost my vigor. I think I am ambitious just not in the way she would like me to be. To be honest I should be really ambitious since I’m an only child Capricorn. Both personality types are ambitious on their own. So that would make me doubally ambitious. Although the water pig is not. That would cancel out one of the double ambitiousness. To be honest I think my ambition died off around 2003-2004.

Here is a funny thought I had. Remember I mentioned that my 10 year high school reunion will happen in 2012? Well that is a really significant year in some circles and religions. I wonder if this is a sign for me not to go to my reunion?

I also thought I should have a “fuck it” attitude towards my venture. You know just go ahead and get on with it already, and stop thinking about everything else.

I talked to my mom about is and she said it’s a bad idea because it’s volunteer work, and that I should get paid for my work. Which is sort of true. Well except for a few things. 1: I need some references. 2: This shows potential employers that I was doing something. 3: This could help me in getting a job working with animals. For the record I’m not one of those weird kids who believes everything their parents tell them. Even if my mom has more reasoning than my dad does. She said what if I get hurt or something. The thing I find funny is that she is making assumptions now instead of me. It’s like the tables have turned. I thought I’ll go and see how I like it. I mean if I don’t I don’t have to go back right? Now I want to do it more since it feels like forbidden fruit.

I mean what should I tell potential employers I’ve been doing all this time? “I write an inane blog, listen to Garbage music, and fight with my dad all day.” That’s not very employer friendly. I don’t even care if I do volunteer busy work.

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