Friday, February 17, 2012

Faker than Fake

I feel like Liz in the most recent episode of 30 Rock. "The Tuxedo Begins"

This job hunt is going bad. First off the people are mad because I ask for their name unless I read it off a name tag or something. Somebody gave me a fake name! I'm only doing it for that stupid assignment if I wasn't required to I wouldn't do it. (When I do that it is not mandated by the government I never ask for names)

Do I look that crazy, threatening or weird? I wasn't even wearing improperly secured odangos. (that is my "deranged" hairstyle which happened by accident)

I didn't notice that I had grey in my hair due to a hair product I use. If I use too much dry shampoo it looks like I have grey streaks. I stopped caring; plus I am old and it blends in with my mouth wrinkles. (yes I'm that old!)

I do not look like a villain from Batman. Although I wish I had Harley's body shape. Maybe I should just go around in red and black clothes, wear pigtails and talk with Brooklyn accent. I forgot the white face paint! I think I could pass for a deranged tourist or something. Maybe I'll dress as a Sailor Moon villain instead.

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