Monday, June 13, 2011

Satan's Candy

I don't know why I can't resist going to the candy store at the mall. I always check the gummis for freshness. I stupidly bought some heavy candy that weighed down the bag, and made it cost more.There were some cherry cola gummis. They made me think of that old fruit snack sodalicious.I really miss the ones that were lemon lime flavored. I wish there was a gummi similar to that. I miss sodalicious snacks. Those won't be coming back any time soon. Those are so sinful I'd have to make a deal with Satan himself to bring those back. I'd be better off eating a turkey and spinach pita sandwich.

I went to the mall looking for some stuff. I need to get a new belt. When I went to the store I usually buy belts at most of the belts were really wide. I hate that wide belt trend! I don't want something looks like a waist cincher.

Watched some MeTV. KDOC is the local affiliate. About 2 years ago they were going to be the This TV affiliate, but eventually it became a subchannel of KTLA.

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