Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Falk died. When I heard he did the name sounded familiar, but I was drawing a blank. I had to look up who he was online. He played Columbo. I use to watch that show sometimes in reruns. LA looked so much different back then. It was so much sparser. Not to sound mean, but I thought he was already dead before this. To anybody looking for a Halloween costume idea thee is one right there.

It made me think of the Lupin the 3rd second series (red coat) episode The Skateboard Murder Mystery. That is a really funny episode. Especially the scene at the football game.

I'm still working on the opposite. I did muster up and reapply to that place they haven't called back, but I'm looking at this with a carefree attitude more than a cynical one.

I heard this beauty tip on tv to wash the front 3rd of my hair if I don't have time. It doesn't work unless I have a detachable spray head shower. That was really bad advice.

Is flat hair back is style again? Has scene hair left the scene? (bad pun)

I know a lot of people say This tv is a bad channel, and doesn't have much to watch on it. I like to watch the Cookie Jar programs they show, Mister Ed, and Pink Panther cartoons.

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