Saturday, July 23, 2011

Club Two-Seven

I have a great idea for a Halloween costume Lauren Zizes from Glee. But how would I dress like her. If I did make a Lauren costume would anybody know who I was dressed as, or just think I was just wearing lipstick, glasses and regular clothes. (I think Lauren is up there with my Meg Griffin costume. They are both pretty ambiguous)

Sexy podium-small cardboard podium in the front, back less shirt, and hot pants or a thong.
Sexy Alex Trebek (a sexy version of any man who wears a suit)- hot pants, thigh highs, garters, high shoes, and lots of cleavage.

Now another one came to me unexpectedly Amy Winehouse

My mom didn't know who she was, and I really need that mom celebrity translator from SNL. She's talking about her, and I have no idea what is going on. I was idly watching The Monkees. ;P Davy in a wig as a girl LOL!

Am I like the only one who thought the writing was on the wall with Winehouse? Or am I just stupid and insensitive? :/ *shrug*

I was trying to explain to my parents about the soulful UK singer movement with Winehouse, Duffy and Adele. There is probably somebody else I'm forgetting. I'm writing this by memory. My parents have no idea what I'm talking about.

Really people do you need to retweet everything that celebrities about the passing of Winehouse? Stop cluttering up my timeline!

I didn't think about her being 27 and those other singers who died at 27. Until my dad brought it up, and people were tweeting about this.

Rene Goguen, Mandy Moore, LeBron James, and me. Those are other celebrities could possibly die at 27 since they are all 27 right now. I don't count because I'm not famous. Unless I was one of those people that died, and then became famous.

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