Friday, July 1, 2011

1st of July and Smoke gets in my Eye (because of fireworks)

I'd better acknowledge the Canadians. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Here is a picture of somebody Canadian: Cory Monteith.

I should stop being a selfish American I can do that a few days from now.

I finally got my food card. Now I'm legally able in California to touch food! The test was so easy! I really didn't need to take 9 pages of notes. Hopefully this will make me more desirable for employers. I could possibly be touching your food!

My hair is longer and I still can't believe that I can still make a tight and proper bun. It looks like something Lilith Sternin would wear. I was trying to hold back a lot of hair. I even broke a clip. It was a cheapie one from the 99 cents store.

I was at the Angels vs. Dodgers interlaegue game. It was intense. I didn’t realize the rivalry was so strong. It thought it wasn’t that strong since Angels are American League and Dodgers are National League. When I went I wanted to remain neutral, so I didn’t wear either team’s color.

For Tony Gwynn they really need to distinguish between the father and the son. This is especially confusing if somebody remembers when the dad played.

It was hard for me to capture the Dodger fans' rowdiness. They don't throw napkins off the side. I think that is due to the construction of Angel Stadium as opposed to the construction of Dodger Stadium.

Some of the anti-Dodger cheers were “Can‘t Make Payroll!” and “Bankrupt Team” I wanted to start a “team debt” chant. I ‘d like to see somebody make a sign or shirt like that with the “D” in debt using the “D” from the Dodgers logo. I made this very quickly in paint. Excuse the sloppiness. I also like the "McCourt $0" shirt a Dodger fan was wearing. Some of the fans can have fun with this.

I have an idea for a funny song. In LA the local games are shown on KCAL, and the commercials have a little song in them. There is a lyric that goes "If you wanna be a champion then you can't wait any longer". I changed it to "If you wanna get paid then you can't wait any longer". ;P

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