Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Faust's got Nothin on Me

Really he doesn't.

I've been posting a bunch of craigslist ads. Some direct, some pathetic, and some silly. One of the job offers I got was to work in the adult film industry! @.@ XD

What to do about being so homely?

I applied for a job at a car wash. The ad said nothing about providing photos or anything. I'm not going to quote this strange email reply I got yesterday, but I'll paraphrase it. It's that absurd! The email reply said for me to provide facebook pics and if I'm good at car washing. Shouldn't the question about car washing come first? Why does it matter how good looking I am? Shouldn't only my car washing ability matter first?

Anyway I looked up that car wash on facebook, and it looks sort of ghetto.

There is another company that was looking for people to pass out fliers or something, but they also needed a photo. They would not accept applications without ones. I guess they got pretty desperate because they reposed the ad the day before they needed the person. I was going to call the company, and ask why they needed a photo. If they wanted I could meet with somebody from the company in person. Then my looks could be evaluated and see if I was potential hiring material; or not.

Maybe I should just chalk up my losses and try to find work at a big company that won't mind hiring an ugly person.

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