Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Winx Club Dolls

I'm upset since I heard that Jakks Pacific are going to make the new winx club dolls. I really hope they use a good body for them. The Mattel ones had a "Leggy" doll body.

What other dolls did they make? Will they use a "recycled" body? Maybe the dolls will be somewhat compatible and be able to "share" clothes with the old dolls. I hope they don't use those Juku Couture bodies. I hope the dolls have good eyes. It seems like the doll makers (Mattel, Simba, and Giochi Preziosi) have a hard time replicating the eyes on these dolls. They look nothing like how they do on the cartoon. Some dolls to me look crossed eyed or something. The Pixie dolls weren't bad.

Who knows maybe my cousins will get into the new version of the Winx Club. They are only 1 and 3 so when the next few seasons come out they will be about 3 and 6.

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