Saturday, July 30, 2011

Old Yellow Notepad Stories

I was cleaning and I found my old note pad with some stories I wrote in them. A while ago I tried to type them up or I did. I forgot what happened to them. I think I might have given them to my dead friend. I remember getting feedback from her about some of the stories. They flow well I guess... There are just way too many Power Ranger references. The one thing was that they were organized in chronological order. Maybe I have been fixated on chronological order for awhile. The stories aren't that long. One I typed out was about 1 paragraph long in 11 point font single spaced.

It will be good in case there are no classes available, and I get stuck taking another memoir class I'll have some prewritten stories. I was so unprepared my first time. When I think about it that would be like doing unassigned math homework before taking a math class.

Who knows these might be a jumping board to something else. These vignettes might make great 4 panel comics or something. As long as I don't feel they are mediocre then I'll be ok.

The problem is that those stories and a bunch of others I wrote on paper need to be typed out. I think I need an intern like Kramer got on Seinfeld. Which is a woman who lives in a messy house. That does not contain a chicken.

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