Friday, July 29, 2011

Keep Stickin it to Me!

Some of these came out blurry. I was trying to take pictures of these stickers off a lunch box. I think I just liked the stickers because they had (scalloped?) edges like a stamp. I forgot where I got them. I think they came in a small plastic purse with other things like an eraser and a pencil and some other school supplies. I think I put them on my lunch box circa 1989. That is also why some of the stickers look a little tattered. I was too lazy to clean up the edges of the pictures.

These rabbit stickers are very cartoony. In some of these stickers the rabbit kind of looks like Bugs Bunny. My favorite is the one of the rabbit singing.
These are of a squirrel or a chipmunk?
Mice stickers. Lovin' the Supermouse!
The gray raccoon ones look like an old cartoon style.
The rest are just other designs. The rabbit one did have a scalloped border, but it got trimmed and used for a school project.

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