Thursday, July 7, 2011

By/Buy a Hammer

I bought a quad/graph paper composition book. I don't know why I just thought it was interesting. I'll use it for journal. Maybe I can write about how much I like baby lotion in it. I like that the lotion is referred to as "JBL" LOL! ;P

There was a girl at the store who was very excited to get this plush doll. At first I couldn't see who the doll was. Then I saw it was Amy Rose. I went to see where those dolls were ironically the dolls are near toy squeaky hammers. I'm not sure if this was purposely done or just a funny coincidence. The only other Sonic character I saw was Cream. The dolls are about a foot tall and are $4.99. Is that a good deal? :/

I also bought my first piece of Disney Princess merchandise with Tiana on it. Ariel was also on it. I make it a policy to not buy Disney Princess merchandise unless Ariel is on it.

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