Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goodbye Sam and Sunshine

Sam and Sunshine are gone from Glee.

A lot of Gleeks are mad about this. Sunshine was only a guest star. She wasn't a central character. She didn't even go to McKinley. Except for the 1st episode.

As for Sam I got a got idea about how to write him out of the show. His family decides to go back to where they come from (I totally forget the state and the glee wiki doesn't list it.) because there is no work in Ohio. And he breaks up with Mercedes.

Plus almost all the "kids" are leaving and I'm using this term loosely. Ok the students. I hope the staff doesn't leave too like Will, Sue, and Emma. The students will be graduating. A few Gleeks thinks this will bring the show into the toilet.

If I wrote for the show I'd bring in some new characters in season 3 that are younger and have them bridge the gap. Like they did with Scrubs with Sunny and Denise.

Who knows what season 4 will bring? It might be good it might be bad. What was my lifespan prediction for Glee? Oh yeah 3 years.

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