Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Worrying About Silly Things

I've been worrying about some silly things.

I don't know why I still think there is something wrong with me for not liking Lady Gaga. I don't know what is worse; me not liking her or worrying about it.

I was thinking I will be 30 soon. I thought I should dress more mature now that I'm going to be 30. Actually the phrase "dressing more mature" sounds like something a kid would say when be or act like a grown up or something. What do I think a 30 year old dresses like? I think they are polished in the way they dress; sophisticated. You know it's important to dress your age. Not too old and not too young.

I also need better hair. I mean I don't have strange teenager hair or anything like that. You know over teased or wacky colored streaks. I thought when I turn 30 I will need a more grown up hairstyle and possibly bangs since I'm getting older. Oh yeah and better color work.

Well I have about 4 years to start working on that; especially the hair. I'm notorious for having bad hairstyles/unkempt hair.

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