Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Haven't Got a Hat

I think I'm most fully recovered from my illness since I caught myself binge eating yesterday.

I've been in a shit mood funk today. Then I got really depressed when I realized I've been living where I live for almost a year now.

Also since Halloween is over I got some ideas for costumes. I've even started some preliminary sketches. Of course most of my costume ideas never get past that point. None of these current designs are slutty ones.

I was thinking about an evil doll. I got the idea from this costume, but I would make mine different. A little like this costume too, but not as slutty.
What about some type of ghost maid? I really like this costume, and I think I could make my own version of it. Although I don't like the hat. I'd wear more of like a Loli headband thing. I think I could even alter the design to make it look like that little hat/headpiece they wear with their cafe outfits in Tokyo Mew Mew; to compliment my Lettuce hair.
I also like this nun costume. I like the idea of an evil/deranged nun.
What about something that is not scary? Strawberry Shortcake. Not just any version the 90s version. That is probably the least known of all the versions/incarnations. The 90s one is very dear to my heart. I also like her because of all the incarnations this one doesn't wear a hat for some reason.
The 1980s version wears a hat.
The early 2000s version wears a hat. So does the grown up version of her. The newest version does too. That makes the costume so much more easier to make. It sort of made me think about this article. Actually her outfit is reminiscent of the Berrykins dolls of the 80s. But there are 3 other 90s versions of Strawberry Shortcake. If you would like more information on the 90s dolls please go here.

Speaking of Halloween did you see Gwen's Halloween costume? It was cute and western. Gwen looks good with yarn hair as Jessie. But I still like her egg costume from last year better. I think I like her fairy costume best.

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