Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Festivus!

Today is Festivus. So get out your pole, air your grievances, and perform your Feats of Strength.

I'm going to watch the Senifeld episode "The Strike" today. That is the episode that popularized Festivus. Hope I don't run into denim vest, date a 2-face, or lose my atomic sub card. LOL! :P

Oh no what if I get a Human Fund card, "Money for people".

Here is a picture of an old Festivius card I made back in 8th grade. The link to the deviantart page tells the process of how I made the card.

Here's the wikipedia's take on the origins of Festivus.

I really wish I celebrated Festivus. Do you think I could take on my dad for the Feats of Strength?

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