Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween was made for Saturdays

During my 25 years on this planet. There have only been 4 Halloweens that have fallen on a Saturday. Let’s see…I’m writing this from memory. I’m going to say: 1987, 1992, 1998 and 2009. I think that is correct. Saturday is the best day for Halloween to fall on because you can prepare all day, and you can spend Sunday recuperating. Friday and Sunday are ok too, but not as good. When it falls on a Friday you can’t spend all day preparing if you have to go to work or school. When it falls on a Sunday you can spend all day preparing, but you don’t really have the next day to recuperate. The thing that sucks is that the next Halloween that falls on a Saturday will be in 2015.

This makes me think of this funny story that happened to me at the fair back in September of 1999. There was this booth that was selling all these cool masks. You know the kind that sell for like $50+ dollars. Anyway I was looking at the masks. The guy working the booth was trying to sell me one. So he tries to start the conversation by saying that Halloween falls on a Saturday that year. Of course I know it can’t since it fell on a Saturday last year. I’m like “No, it always is on October 31st.” The guy at the booth says that he though Halloween always fell on a Saturday. LOL! XD

So you want to know what I dressed up as? I dressed as Shirley Manson. :P

Here are some of my rejected Halloween costume ideas I came up with; a strawberry, John Cena fangirl, Shirley Manson dressed as a strawberry, a nun, my facebook page, a youtube video, and John Cena fangirl dressed as a strawberry.

I wanted my hair to look really cute. It didn’t matter if I was dying it for my costume or not. I was going to dye it anyway. Well it looks a little streaky. Maybe a little creative hairstyling can fix that. First I was going to wear it in little braids that were coming out of a ponytail. AKA Shirley braids. I ended up wearing my hair in a high ponytail instead. I even wore dark blue nail polish. The one thing I should have added to my costume, but I didn't have time was eye makeup.

Maybe I'll dress as Shirley again some other year with a more thought out/planned costume.

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