Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out Of Material!?

You know what? I have no material! Can you believe that!? Ok well actually I do have material, but it's for The Rant Blog it just hasn't been all typed out yet. There are a few interesting antidotes. I do have some ideas I just need to scan some stuff.

Ok well I'll just comment on Shirley's latest facebook entry. You know my RSS feed to her facebook notes isn't updating again. Ugh! She wrote about the movie Where the Wild Things Are. Some people were saying that movie is for hipsters, and I guess kids too. Saying Shirley is a hipster is insulting to her. I liked the book as a child. I'm still curious how different the book is from the movie. Think about how different Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was.

My bottled up emotions led to an emotional breakdown yesterday. I've gotta stop bottling up things.

So the Angels and Dodgers have the same post season record in their respective League championship series. With one win. Can they come from behind?

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