Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming up with Something...

So my mom told me I might have to come up with a costume for Halloween. This would be good except I have no ideas. I also have no money. I spent it on frozen sandwiches. Let's just say I didn't spend all my money on frozen sandwiches. I bought some hair dye that could be used for a costume.

Let's see...what type of costume should I try to construct? Should I dress as Pam Beesly-Halpert? No, I don't have any button up shirts. Kelly? I could just say everything is "awesome" and just talk a lot. Scratch dressing as a character from The Office.

Maybe I should dress as Gwen and construct some kind of ambiguous costume like I did when I was 15. I still have my fairy wings. Well now I have 2 pairs. I haven't worn the pink ones yet, and I spent all that time embellishing them and everything.

I really don't want to be some type of pun costume like "cereal killer" or "leaf blower". I think they are kind of lame.

I was thinking about being a cat, but the only cat ears I have a leopard ears. I don't want to be a rabbit/bunny either even though I have ears. That last sentence sounded a little funny.

I can always break down a wear my Lettuce hair. I can be an extremely low budget version of Lettuce.

Maybe I should looking around to see what I have/can find and I can use to make a costume. I know! Cathrine Weaver! No, I don't have a white coat. :(
I know maybe I should dress as V2 era Shirley. I have the perfect pants. Me dressing as Shirley now that is a scary costume.

Maybe I can dress as a raver, a Harajuku or a Loli girl. I can always go as "badly applied eyeliner lady"or a goth girl again this year. *sigh*

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