Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corporate Hate List

Here is my list of places I boycott. I thought about this blog after that "incident"at the Del Taco. Most of the places I boycott due to horrible service. When I boycott a place I boycott them all, and not just the particular place I was wronged at. One that company has lost me they have probably lost me for good.

Fry's Electronics
Del Taco
Wal Mart

The thing about KFC is that I didn't have bad service there. I only stopped eating there because PETA told me to. I haven't eaten at one like since 2003 or 2004. With Kohl's I'm not allowed to shop there because my dad boycotts it. They won't take his returns. But I should shop there secretly. Actually I've never shopped at one. The deal with Blimpie and Subway is that they don't change their gloves and clean their utensils after making sandwiches. I hate eating a sandwich that tastes like something the person before me ordered. If you work for one of these sandwich places don't give me shit about saving time. I think the customer would actually wait and be happier if they had something clean. What about vegetarians and people who are allergic to stuff? They must never eat there, or they are as pissed off as I am.

Don't worry though I'm not all anti-establishment. I'm not against "the man". I'm not going to rant about how you are a bad person if you are not vegan or listen to corporate music.

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