Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Visual Grammar

So I went to the mall today. I was very upset that there was no Halloween store in the mall. I wanted to buy some horror flesh.

I saw this really cute Harajuku Lovers purse. I have to say it has my name written all over it. The Sweet Toof design is so cute! I was also looking at the Harajuku Lovers fragrances, and the rep was there and gave me some sample cards. ^-^ I have to say that the testers that they have at the store I was using and the perfumes are really potent. They all mixed on my hand and made a pleasant scent. When I was smelling and testing the perfumes I was thinking about this article. They are really strong too because I after I washed my hands after using the bathroom in the mall my hands still smelled like the perfume.

When I went to the video? store. Do they still call them that? Well I was looking for the season 2 set of the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. I know I haven't got the DVDs yet. Actually I got in an argument with the clerk because I was looking for DVDs of the tv show, and not the one of T4 Terminator Salvation the movie. Which is coming out in December. I was like "The season 2 DVDs already come out!". I guess people confuse the movies and the tv show since they are all under the Terminator franchise umbrella.

There were also some cute Sonic plushies in the store and a cute Tails hat. There were also some Naruto energy drinks. @.@ X-X

I was also looking for an MP3 pillow. You know those pillows with speakers in them that you plug your MP3 player into and lay on the pillow and listen to music. One store I went to only had Jonas Brothers ones. I don't like them. That's something my little cousin listens to. When I told the worker that she said my Stewie shirt gave it away. There are probably girls who are fans of both Stewie and The Jonas Brothers. I'm not one of them though. I guess if I can't find one I'll make my own. I think there are tutorials online on how to make one or even make a stuffed animal version.

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