Friday, October 16, 2009

Annual Bad Luck Day?

Ok so I thought I saved a blog I wrote on my MP3 player before my hard drive died, but I realized the one I had saved isn't the one I was going to try and post.

So I'm writing this from memory. This is the blog I was suppose to post on the 3rd.

Facebook Anniversary

Ok so the 2nd of October was the 1 year anniversary of me having a facebook.

Well it's more like the 3rd since I created the page late in the day on the 2nd, and worked on it into the 3rd. I worked until Last Call with Carson Daly was on.

Last year I rode the emotional roller coaster that day. More like I rode it and I wasn't strapped in properly and fell out of the ride.

Well nobody from high school has found me on facebook yet. *shifty eyes*

I really hope the 3rd of October isn't my "bad luck day". I've had bad luck on this day 2 years in a row. I use to have good luck on this day. Perhaps I need to be cleaned spiritually to get rid of this?

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