Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silly Thoughts

I tried posting this earlier, but I was having problems with blogger.

Ok so I was thinking about my other DVD volumes that I have and they are all cartoon series. I have Heathcliff, My Little Pony season 1 (80s series), and Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers volumes 1&2. What if there were Terminator ponies. Like those Apocalypse Ponies from Robot Chicken. There could be liquid metal pony and a T-888 pony. Try and coaxing the kids into kissing those ponies like they did in the commercials. You know what I put in "terminator custom my little pony" and look what I found.

I can't believe the Angles pulled it out. For a while in that game they were looking bad. What about that fountain guy? I can't believed they showed him on tv. It reminded me of something somebody would do at a tennis match or something. Or maybe even a soccer game. They are still behind with 2 games under their belt. Well who ever wins the American League Championship series can guarantee there won't be a Floridian boy band singing the national anthem this time. Who's your Philly game prediction? I'm going with Boyz II Men. "Thank You". It would be cool if the Angels win and get Gwen Stefani to sing the national anthem. She's an Anaheim native.

You know why I think a lot of people can't really get into that show Community. I think it's because they have never been to a community college. They just can't relate. I think a lot of the jokes and stuff in the show ring true.

I'm still working another blog. I just need to write the captions for the pictures.

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