Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Golden 5

So KTLA has gone back to their "retro 5" logo. I'm happy that it's back. I think a lot of people are. I do miss it being golden like it use to be "back in the day". Now it's sort of a bluish silver color.

Here is a website where you can see the old KTLA logos and there are some other logos from other channels there. From other networks and stations.

I never really liked that swoopy logo they had. Ok I hated it. I remember they premiered it during their Rose Parade coverage. I think in like 2005? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

But I also noticed they removed most of the CW references from their station IDs. It was really strange to see this during their CW4Kids block (you can chastise me for watching that) What can I say? I have a soft spot for Dinosaur King. @.@ They still have a CW reference on their digital sub-channel ID. This is just my thought/thoery perhaps they are losing their affiliation and becoming an independent again? I'm not going to post "news" about this. I'm just a blogger with no affiliation to the station. There is no "inside scoop" from me. If you want that you will have to find it somewhere else. Remember when KCOP dropped their affiliation for a while during the transition from UPN to My Network TV.

Now if only KTLA could show some Angels baseball and some Punky Brewster episodes and it'd be like the old times.

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