Monday, October 12, 2009

The JAM Wedding

This blog has nothing to do with that English band. This is a blog about the wedding of the fictional characters Pam Beesly and Jim "Big Tuna" Halpert. Ok nobody really calls Jim "Big Tuna" besides Andy. I was planning on writing a blog about their wedding anyway. Even when I thought the computer was working well.

I'm just gonna talk about the episode and such. If you don't want spoilers because you haven't seen it stop reading now!

Some of my favorite parts were:
When Kevin's shoes were destroyed by the hotel staff because they were so smelly. It was funny because he said he only had one pair of shoes. It being Kevin doesn't surprise me. Actually something similar happened to my aunt at a wedding. Ok well her shoes weren't destroyed, but she didn't have any fancy shoes for the wedding because she forgot to pack them. Why didn't Kevin think of buying a new pair?

I thought it was so funny when Dwight was sitting at the kids' table at the dinner. That seems like something I would have done.

Their presents were interesting. Especially the ones from Micheal and Dwight. Dwight's turtle set was funny. I really liked the turtle bibs. They were cute. I liked when they escaped. I liked Micheal's painting. It looked like something I would paint.

Here are some other Office parings I made up:
Dwichael=Dwight + Michael
Kanard= Kelly Kapoor + Andy Bernard
Rycheal= Ryan + Micheal

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