Sunday, February 14, 2010

Computer Love

I was trying to think of a good title for this blog. For the record the title of this blog is taken from the Zapp & Roger song. I really like that song.

I guess I should start this story from the beginning. I was going to post a blog on the 8th about my meeting with a Cena fan (female) at the Old Navy. I started writing it, but when I went back to finish it my computer died on me again! It happened to break (to quote Miss Mallard here) at the most inconvenient time. The problem is that when something breaks 2 things need to happen: first my dad needs to see the said broken thing, and secondly he needs some long drawn out explanation about why it it broken.

I hate going to the store with my dad to get the computer repaired because he pretends he knows what he's trying to explain when he has tech problems. I mean the computer was having a problem before it broke anyway. The starter fan was making a lot of noise.

The bad thing was that the new hard drive that got put in October broke, and he got all pissed off. Luckily it was still under warranty (not by the store, but by the company who manufactured it) I personally didn't think it was so bad. Well not as bad as I thought it was. I mean if it was like a year later there would have been nothing he could do.

Sometimes it's good for the computer to break. Maybe I could use a break from it. My dad won't admit it, but i think he's addicted to it too. Like I've said before getting my dad to admit to anything is like getting water from a rock. Anyway he's usually more concerned about his contests, and stuff like that. He did something like this the last time it broke.

I wasn't too upset. I didn't have much saved on that hard drive the only things I was sad about getting deleted were some tweets I had archived, and a blog I was working on.

It sucks though because I was working on 4 blogs concurrently; the one about the Cena fan, one about My Little Pony, one about Valentine's Day/Lunar (Chinese) New Year (year of the tiger), and one about the Winter Olympics.

Luckily I got my Jhudora Day av after years of forgetting and trying. I also got to register for classes.

Later we find out it's a broken mother board too. I never realized they are so expensive to replace. Actually the cost of a new board for my old computer was about the same price for a new tower. I'm not sure how long he thought an old repaired computer would last. He was really mad about it breaking, and for some reason I felt it was my fault. I'm not sure why. He's lucky it lasted from 2002-2010. That's 8 years! Incredible! Especially since it was an E-Machines. To be honest I thought it would be dead back in 2008. That's when it was starting to have continuous problems. When the hard drive broke the the 1st time back in October I advised my dad to get a computer because they were cheap because they were trying to get rid of the ones with Vista at the store.

The one thing I liked about my computer was that it was "mine". I paid for it, so this new computer is "his" since my dad paid for it.

I gave the tower to the store to recycle. At first I was reluctant to because I thought they were going to charge me. A lot of places charge like $20 for e-waste. Shouldn't cities and organizations be paying you? You know like when you recycle a can and get like 5¢ back. Here is my thinking: "It's not really useful since it's really old and from 2002, and I'm cramped for space where I live anyway that will be one less thing in the house". My dad was more reluctant to give it up than I was. After I gave it up he got mad at me, and told me something about being too trusting of human nature or something in that context. According to him the store was too willing to take it from me, and that there was probably something valuable inside it. (the hard drive was removed) It's because I'm stupid right? Or should I not listen to him because this is coming from a person who thinks he won a million pounds from an email. He is also the one who also said his dead uncle left "valuable" electronics and a music collection behind.

I'm still trying to get use to Windows 7. I did use XP for 8 years.

Since I'm feeling generous, and didn't get to post these here are my 2 blogs about the Winter Olympics and Valentine's Day/Lunar (Chinese) New Year (year of the tiger)

Winter Olympics

This was going to be posted on the 11th. First off I'd like to wish my cousin's a happy 4th wedding anniversary. No, I don't keep tabs on this (sorry). The only real reason I remember this is because when they got married the Olympics were in Torino or Turin (there was a whole debate about the name of the city 4 years ago)

I wasn't feeling well before we went to the reception, but I thought it was just because I was hungry or something. I didn't eat much that day. I decided I was going to eat something at the reception. I just ate salad. I felt sick, so we left early. When I got home I had a fever. Slept for a while. After I slept it off I felt better. When I woke up late at night I ended up watching Olympic coverage.

The funny thing is last time my dad got mad at me for not caring the Winter Olympics. That time I was more interested in the Arrested Development finale. This year I'm not interested because I want NBC to lose a lot of money on the games! Maybe I should be interested because I was born during an Olympic year. This was back when the Summer and Winter games were held during the same year. Sarajeov '84. The joke was that since I didn't really like to sleep during the night as a baby (has anything really changed here?) my mom would stay up watching the late night coverage. My family would ask if she had a medal count.

To be honest I don't recall much about the 2002 games. I think the only thing I remember was there were pictures of snowboarders on the Poptarts boxes. The only reason I remember the 2006 games is because I associate it with my cousin's wedding and the Arrested Development finale.

Too bad I know my dad'll watch the 2010 games because he's a sports junkie. He pretty much watches any sports on tv. I'll probably associate these games with Conan leaving NBC and my computer breaking.

Valentines Day/Year of the Tiger

I was preparing for this blog before the computer broke. I was online collecting pictures of tigers for this blog.

Since I'm not big on Valentine's Day for 14 continuous years. Like I've said before since I'm not in school right now the blow doesn't seem as hard or "in your face". But I already wrote about that last year. Actually I try to find an excuse not to celebrate it. that sounds like something Liz Lemon would do. She said she was celebrating the birthday of Anna Howard Shaw. I decided to celebrate Lunar new year instead.

Did you know it is customary to give/send cards/envelopes with the picture of the new years animal on it. Character cards are popular too like for the year of the dog you could give a card with Snoopy on it, or for year of the rat you could give a card with Mickey Mouse on it.

I received this one from my cousin from her trip to Japan.
Isn't it cute? The scanner cut off the pink border on the top for some reason. I think those trees are either plum or cherry trees. They scanned funny. They are more fuchsia in color.
This is the reason I used a Valentine's Day picture with Tigger in it for the back ground of my Twitter page.

Anyway here are some tiger character pictures for you to enjoy.

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