Saturday, February 27, 2010

Official and Protective

My dad is a stickler for official looking things I'm not sure why though he really doesn't like to follow the rules. Anyway I had to go book shopping for a few books I couldn't find online. I needed the syllabus to know which books I still needed to buy. Anyway it was raining when we left. Before we left he demanded I put my syllabus in a folder. I hate when he does that. I was just going to fold it up and put it in my pocket.

You know how I am about carrying extra stuff. I mean I hate taking anything to school. If I could I'd come to class with nothing more than a few sheets of paper, 1 or 2 pens, a book, and maybe a bottle of water. I don't like purses because in a lot of places they are not allowed. I'm not like my mom. I don't need a purse; just give me some pants with large pockets. It was like when I was in school 5th-12th, and they would not let us bring any type of bag to school during the last week. They feared we would bring contraband vandalizing tools. Like eggs, shave cream, paint and stuff like that.

When we get to the school it's raining pretty hard, so he tries to justify his logic in this by saying that since it's raining hard my papers would get ruined. I said they wouldn't get wet if I would have folded up the papers, and put them in my pocket. I mean if it was raining, and I was wearing my jacket with the papers in my pocket there would not have been a problem.

This reminds me of the time when I was first going to college back at CSUF, and he made me carry around all my finical aid papers in this "official looking" pamphlet. That thing didn't have pockets like a folder and the papers would usually fall out. He would get so mad about that. After a while I was so sick of the papers falling out the pamphlet that I suggested we use a folder. (hey it had pockets). He refused. He said the folder shouldn't be used because it had cartoon characters on it, and that the pamphlet looked much more official.

When we get to the bookstore they tell me I can't bring my folder in. You know for security measures. My dad makes a scene in the store as usual... :/ So I had to check that in. Why doesn't he ever listen to me? *shrugs*

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