Monday, February 14, 2011

Flaunt It Girl!

I think Valentines Day is one of the most commercial holidays in the US. I think even more than Christmas. Christmas in not about one thing. It's about as many things as a person can think of. It can be religious if one wants to be. Valentines Day is about one thing and one thing only; romantic relationships. And I'm telling that to the bald-ish yellow shirted boy looking for a real Christmas tree.

It's funny when I was reading my old magazines with contradictory articles one says about how awesome it is to be single and the one next to it says about how great it is to have a boyfriend. Then there'd be some other article about red clothing and a salute to lipstick or something like that.

The thing I really hate is when women are all flaunting their relationship or when people just starting making out in public. Or all the people who complain about only receiving $5 carnations. Good thing I didn't leave the house today! The day wasn't all bad. I'm just happy I'm not in high school anymore!

One year I'd really like to throw an anti-valentines party with black and green decorations and play break up songs.

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