Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty Heart

While looking through old magazines I found this in an issue from 1999. The green "page me" heart looks so dated. There is a major flaw with this craft. It uses real candy hearts. There are a lot of problems with this. Candy hearts crush easily. It doesn't say to use any type of sealer or something. Wouldn't that make the craft prone to vermin?

Then I found this craft. It's a conversation hearts bracelet, but the hearts are made of clay. If those two projects are combined together the candy won't get vermin. These ones are covered in resin.

I've also been having fun going on yahoo and reading all the desperate postings of people who don't know what to buy somebody, feel worthless because they are single, and the ones desperately looking for dates. I like the really vague questions like "Does anybody know where I can buy a Valentines bear?"

I want to pose a question: at what age does Valentines Day stop being fun and turns into flaunting and desperation?

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