Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Black Eye is Worse than a Nipple, and a Zombie

I'd thought I'd start writing my blog now in case I forget

I'm happy I don't have to write a report on the game or something for a class.

I was waiting all afternoon to watch Lea Michele sing. I noticed Christina Agulara messed up the national anthem. I thought now with modern technology nobody sings "live" during national anthems during big sporting events. I know Jewel didn't. I remember there being a controversy about her prerecording it.

After than I partook in Brittany's cracker and cheese recipe.

The halftime show really sucked. I think the Oscillating air purifier should have taken Slash's place.

I ate too much, and was too full to make a "grilled cheeseus".

I thought the best commercial was the one with the pug in it for Doritos. I like pugs. I thought the Chevrolet Glee one that aired during the game was too "Mattress" for me.

I'm sure Shirley and the boys are happy about the outcome of the game.

The post Super Bowl Glee episode didn't really disappoint. If it did I was going to compare it to Friends. There are/were a lot of similarities. Between the series. I feel that season 2 of both shows weren't as good as season 1. Both shows had a post Super Bowl episode in their 2nd season. The "California Gurls" opening was ok. It sort of reminded me of the Cheerios routine of "Ray of Light" from "The Power of Madonna" episode. Quinn looked cute with blue hair. I know Glee isn't supposed to be realistic in any sense, but why not have JV players make up the championship team? I did like the zombie scene with everybody. It gave me ideas for Halloween. The guys singing in zombie makeup to a Zombie's song was ok. Hearing "Bills, Bills, Bills" made me think of high school. My former neighbors were big Destiny's Child fans with loud speakers. The ending with Sue didn't do it for me. I wish they would have showed her failing in some way at the competition than just being interviewed. It seemed cheap, and I felt cheated. The ending was the opposite of "Funk". Why didn't Beasite or anybody with football knowledge teach the girls about football? Anything; plays, formation, how the game works. The ending sort of reminded me of "Preggers", and the Disney cartoon Football Now and Then. Actually "Preggers" and "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" trick plays remind me of that cartoon. The misspelled tattoo was hilarious! I was disappointed by the lack of Emma. She could have been really integral to this episode. I know this episode was catering to the non-gleeks, but it seemed like a chopped up episode with pieces of other episodes in it. Sure there was some new stuff and character and plot development.

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