Thursday, March 1, 2012

Job Security

After I thought about it I know what job I should get if I can get cheap training for it. Security. I can be a jerk and get paid for it. It could be like that Seinfeld episode the Maestro "Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!" I can confiscate stuff too like gum, markers, lipstick and wallets. (Almost had my wallet taken by security for no reason. It didn't even have a chain on it.) I think a lot of security issues could be solved if people were told beforehand what they can and cannot bring to places. I don't mean like no brainer stuff like handguns. More like if a place doesn't allow gum or lipstick. Since these are common items that many people might have on them. Seriously I went to a place where one security guard took his job way too seriously, and another who played with his phone all day and smoked outside. They worked together. I guess they were the yin and yang of security.

I think another problem can be solved by banning purses from a lot of places and telling people beforehand that they are banned. I don't like purses. I think they get in the way and the styles are always changing. Plus I didn't start using a purse until I was 18 by choice. I find them so bothersome.

Or maybe I need to learn Mandarin. A lot of the jobs I see require that and English. Glee was wrong.

The thing is I just so frustrated about hearing what I can't do or why I'm the WRONG person for the job. Hell just lowball me now! But not for free.

You know you are in trouble when a job ad has the word "fun" in it. ex: "LOOKING FOR FUN PEOPLE!!!!!!" "A FUN SALES JOB!!!!!!!!" "*****NEED FUN AWESOME PEOPLE FIRED THE BORING PEOPLE*****" "NEED A FUN ROCKSTAR PERSON!!!!!!". What does "fun rockstar person even mean?"

You know I was thinking that moving out on a leap year in February isn't a bad idea. You get an extra day. February is still the shortest month.

If you saw the most recent episode of The Office and saw Jim spinning a sign. I spin signs like Jim. XD LOL!

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