Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Worst Job Fair Ever!

My dad made me go to a job fair to get more jobs for my list. On the way over there I heard "Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow" by The Monkees on the radio.

This lady comes out; a fellow job seeker; tells us that the job fair has been moved. The lady was blond and looked ditzy. My dad was telling her something about the streets and the freeway. She gave him a look like she had no idea what he was talking about. I don't know why he says things like that to random people. Not that all blonds are ditzy though.

Signs you know you at a bad job fair. It got moved to another location and they didn't tell you.

That was it I'm not going to any job fair anymore with my dad. The last one I went to was bad, but this was a disaster! I don't mean on the part of the people hosting. Although that was bad in its own right. He just gets too annoyed with everything. He can be annoyed BY HIMSELF!

My dad signed up for it with a fake phone number; area code 666-6666 because he's evil. I gave a fake one too, but I just made up numbers. Why do they need your phone number anyway?

There wasn't really anything good there. Mostly staffing agencies. Which I'm still skeptical of. But I asked one place if they would take me with no experience and they said they would. I don't care if I gotta meet those job quotas. The thing was a bust anyway. I'm through with job fairs! Maybe I'll go to one if they happen to be at a school I'm attending if I got back to school again, but nothing else. To quote Comic Book Guy: "Worst Job Fair Ever!"

I saw an old episode of Soul train from 1993, and got all nostalgic. They danced to "Rump Shaker" in that episode. I love that song! All the old 90s fashion; chokers, crushed velvet dresses, booty shorts, boots, sports jackets and jerseys and more. Maybe if I watch more 90s episodes I'll take notes on it for my comic. (for the fashion)

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