Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybe Robots Could Help

I had to go see my worker again. To prevent myself from falling asleep waiting. I was listening to some Garbage.

I got a flier from them to be a poll worker. The people who work the polls are idiots!

This happened to me before I was trying to vote after I had moved to a new city in the same county. They told me to go back to the city I use to live in to vote. It would be really absurd if somebody came from another state. This would be their conversation.

Voter: I'm here to vote please give me a provincial ballot.

Poll Worker:
Where did you live?

Salem, Maine

Poll Worker:
Well you can't vote here. You need to go back to Maine and vote.

But I moved to California.

Poll Worker: (sighs) Fine! (unenthusiastically) Take this.

It would be a great job for me! I can be an incompetent jerk!

They gave me a flier for a job fair, but I'm not going to that. Like I said before they are depressing, and there is most likely nothing for me. They are usually cluttered with staffing agencies anyway.

They told me to use snagajob. That website sucks! Plus they sold my info to those telemarketers. I'm going to try and tell everybody I can not to use that website; unless they want their info sold.

They are trying to put a bandage on a broken leg. They think they are helping, but it's really doing nothing.

They want me to get training in something like a nurse. I can't be a nurse! You gotta learn a lot of stuff and memorize anatomy. And all the body parts have strange names an ear is not an ear. I think it has some Latin name that they refer to it. I remember they taught that class at my high school, and a lot of the people who took it had a hard time memorizing all the terms. It'd probably be like that Family Guy where they all vomit. The thing I really don't want to happen to me is that I train for some career and then there is nobody hiring in that field. That happened to my dad.

They also said for me to be a live in care worker. I can't lift people. They are heavy! I could possibly lift a medium sized dog. Too bad we can't use robots like they do in Japan to lift people. They said to ask people I know for jobs or leads. If I knew people I would probably have a job by now.

It's like what the guidance counselor told me a few years ago about being a nurse. I'm smart enough to know I don't have the personality for that.

I loathe going there! Every time I go it just makes me more angry!

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