Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lookin' 4 Somethin'

I don't get why I keep getting emails for insurance sales jobs. I'm totally unqualified for that. I don't even have a license. I think they are like $250. Anyway I don't want to get into insurance sales. A license costs more than a Guard Card. I'm still wondering who this insurance will be sold to? Most people can't afford it. This is for life insurance.

Well I don't want what happened to my dad in the 80s happen to me. Back then he took classes to sell insurance because some "company" wanted to hire him. He needed "quiet time" back then and would send my mom and I off to the mall. (this explains my affinity for malls) Anyway by the time he got all his qualifications the "company" was closed and he stayed at his old job. This is also why when my dad does something really hard or needs a lot of concentration at home now I would voluntarily leave. (he put it in my head way back when)

I have a very simple and plain resume maybe it's because I'm simple and plain. Or just simple minded, but not too much.

While I was stressing out about the interview I was writing this down. "Brainstorm better job hunting persona name..." I also felt like I have to fight a battle to get a job. A battle against all those other people. I was going to use the word "war", but I thought it was insensitive to people who really fought in wars. I thought I'd use the word "strategery". I was also thinking about how much I like the song "Laugh". It's a goofy little song.

I can't listen to "I Wanna Be Free" anymore. It makes me too sad. I can't listen to Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt". It reminds me of Eddie Guerrero. I'm fine with the NIN version. I reminds me of the small span of time I was in yearbook. It was less than a month. But that is another story.

I also met a fellow jobseeker there who introduced himself to me. I hope he didn't think I was writing about him. I was writing about songs and how writing and drawing de-stresses me.

They had us stand in line to wait to be interviewed. It was funny because I was the 4th person in line! It was good I was high up in the line because there was only one person interviewing. It brought back memories of the Halloween store. The interviewer didn't look like any character from The Office.

I had seen a turkey hunting game at the mall on Friday and today I had to try it out. It's called Turkey Hunting USA. It looks like this. I don't condone hunting, but I thought it was a different video game theme besides the usual arcade game themes like racing, fighting games, games based on movies and DDR.

As I'm getting ready to leave some older gangster looking lady comes up to me and asks where some store is. I tell her where the directory is and she tells me she can't read. :/ :O Anyway I eventually found the store by reading the sign on it. (it was hard too because she was looking for a phone store and there are so many of those in the mall now) Maybe she should just memorize logos. That's how I use to find my favorite stores at the mall before I could read. Eventually I went to the mall so many times I just memorized their location.

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