Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's like Goat Cheese

I went to a staffing agency. Was sort of soured on the idea of it since I read all this bad stuff online about staffing agencies like they post fake job ads and they take people's information.

But I thought I should treat it like goat cheese, and try it first before I see if I like it or don't. I say about being open minded. I wrote about it before.

They were showing a safety video in Spanish. I was hoping there would be some nightmare fuel or some silly safety stuff. But there wasn't even any of that. I couldn't date the video. I want to say anywhere between 1995-2000.

The computer had a broken monitor. They said I could use it. They supplemented the broken monitor by using a projector. But they wanted me to put in personal information. I didn't want to sound like a bitch there, but I was not going to do that. Let some other idiot do that.

The person before me took a long time using the working computer for the personality test, but I know how to ace it now. I got a perfect score. Tip: just don't make yourself look like a psychopath.

After leaving there I was pretty soured.

I got an automated call from them. Telling me to come in at 9AM.

Then I was thinking about what I would buy with my first paycheck. I think some silly thing like a vintage toy.

I finally heard all of "Blood for Poppies". I missed it on the radio though. :( But I did get the free download from Garbage. ^-^ I put it on my MP3 player.

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