Thursday, March 29, 2012

Annie's Cinnamon Roll Bunny O's Cereal

I tried some Annie's Cinnamon Roll Bunny O's Cereal. It was very good and smelled very sweet. It took some getting use to because I'm so use to preservatives in my cereal. You know eating the common stuff like Cocoa Pebbles.

After I ate some I thought it would taste really good with some fake maple syrup just to taste. It was great, but unhealthy. I could be arrested for eating something like that.

Then I remembered my neighbor ate something similar. This was back in '93. Anyway he would put Cheerios in a bowl (I forget if it was plain or Hunny Nut) and milk and heat it in the microwave and then top with honey or maple syrup. Or did he top the cereal first heat it and then add the milk? I'm getting old and forget!

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