Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distracting News Ticker

I don't know was going on with KNBC but they had a distracting news ticker. What the HELL!? I don't remember seeing that last week. Please get rid of it!

There was another J-Pop America Fun Time Now skit. I was hoping that Lindasy Lohan was going to do one, but her Housewives of Disney was funny. I liked the part about the hat. Too bad Ariel wasn't featured, or maybe not. Since she is my favorite princess. It would have been a funny joke if she like cooked Flounder or something.

Well at least J-Pop America Fun Time Now had a boy guest. The last 2 guests were female. (The last 2 were played by Anna Faris and Katy Perry) It was funny when they kept saying they had Japanese ancestors. I did better on my Japanese tests than they did. I read Japanese poorly and have a hard time writing hiragana. I've been trying to practice my Japanese recently. It might help me get a job. I felt the mumbling was as or more annoying that the news ticker. I could barely hear him talk. Love the rasta look! LOL! I wonder what that show was called "Rasta Now!"?

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