Monday, March 12, 2012

Daddy Still Can't Type

So my dad found out that he needs to type 35 WPM. Good Luck with that. He says that he will take typing tests online. Which will suck. It will be like when tried to learn Excel. A bunch of screaming and expecting me to know it. The worst part was the stuff he was doing at home wasn't even his FUCKING HOMEWORK! HE WAS JUST PRACTICING! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!????

I AM NOT HELPING HIM!!!! He is on his own! I'm back to frozen hamburgers eaten over the sink and leaving for "quiet time".

I type 26 WPM which is a little below average. In the job class I took my teacher said the average was 30. I took a test online, and that's that it told me.

There is no way my dad is even close to that. His typing has improved, but not that much. Is typing is so bad I even wrote a parody song about it.

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