Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Still Don't Work Here

I ate a twice baked potato at the Hometown Buffet I put extra bacon and cheese on it. It was so good and fatty.

When you go there at lunch they have more lunch foods. They had stuff like corn dogs and slider burgers. I did come up with a new drink; I mixed cherry Coke with Coke and cherry Icee. It was sweet and cold.

There were some obnoxious girls at the craft store they were taking up the whole small aisle and just being really loud.

At the grocery store I wore the wrong color shirt because a really old lady mistook me for an employee. I felt like Harry in the 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Superstitious Dick" where Harry wears the wrong color shirt at the hardware store and is mistaken for an employee. That's happened to me a few times before one time at a Walgreen's I was mistaken for an employee. The worst thing was that I wasn't even wearing anything like what the employees wear there. Maybe I should go back to cartoon shirts. You'd have to pretty out of it to think somebody in a Sailor Moon shirt works at a supermarket and is on duty.

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