Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail Polish Personality

At some places when you ask for their name unless it's on a name tag or something. The worker(s) give you that "Oh Shit!" face. The only reason I do it is because I'm required to. It's part of the assignment. Here is all the required information I have to fill out : date, business address, name of person that you spoke to, and business phone number.

I've noticed that the bigger more established stores like Express are more forgiving. They don't seem as snobby/scared. Maybe because some of those company's have a referral section on the applications

I was dawdling in the Best Buy. I was looking to see if all the Monkees CDs were gone. Well after a singer dies their CD/single sales rise. Sad but true fact. They did have an ample selection of box sets of the tv series season 1 and 2. On a side note there was an ample selection of Whitney Houston CDs.

I've narrowed down my job hunter persona names I'm thinking either "4" which is a reference to the Amazoness Quartet and the number 4 being bad luck in Eastern culture. Plus 1+3=4 like western 13.

My other name idea was "pink eye" since pink eye is something people don't want and avoid it. Like annoying job seekers going door to door who ask questions and take names. (That sounds like a wresting promo) It's a reference to the Amazon Trio. All the members of the trio have a name with eye in it. There is Fisheye, Tiger's Eye, and Hawk's Eye. It also made a reference to South Park, but it wasn't intentional. And possibly Pepper Ann too.

Maybe I should keep working on it. :/

I was in the sephora store trying out nail polish. I think the glitter and the black look great. The orange and green aren't for me. They are too bright, but they are trendy. That glitter is great! It reminds me of the glitter nail polish I wore in junior high. They are the ones in this ad. I never bought them through the ad. I use to find them at the Long's Drugs. I like this ad because it says about the personality type/mood. My mood is "Party". That is totally me! LOL! I use to wear jet multi-glitter. There was so much glitter in that old color. The black was really nice too. It's an iridescent black. I've never seen that before without mixing custom colors.

Had a fun time watching somebody on the bus air drums and guitar. They were switching between drums and guitar or maybe it was and/or bass?

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