Friday, March 16, 2012

Soured on this Place

I went back to the staffing agency there was nobody else there. At first I thought I was the victim of a prank or something. Or it was some kind of hazing ritual for new people who sign up for the agency. Until somebody who works there tells me that I got an automated message and there is no need for me to even be there. I was getting more soured my the minute.

People are right the chorus of "Blood for Poppies" does get stuck in your head. It was stuck in my head when I was cooking. That happens to me a lot. Songs that are stuck in my head come out when I'm cooking food.

My dad is such a helicopter! Seriously I'd be better off if I was parented by an actual helicopter! At least that is inanimate. Just let me do a job search and don't FUCKING MEDDLE!

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