Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sandwich Experiment

I made the Cordon Bleu sandwich. I wanted to make it like a mix of Denny's sandwich and the one Abry's use to sell. I think they still sell it; just not in my area.

Here's what I used sourdough bread, Swiss cheese, ham lunch meat, and frozen breaded chicken patties.

Essentially I just made them like a grilled cheese sandwich. I first cooked the chicken patties before I put them in the sandwich. Then I just made the sandwich like a grilled cheese. Here's the order in which I put it together in case anybody wants to know. Starting from top to bottom; bread, cheese, chicken patty, ham, other slice of bread.

I used Dijon mustard as a dipping sauce. I'm going to try and make another version on a bun like Arby's.

Colton leaving Survivor was great! Seriously I thought he would have gone far. Christina was dumb to comfort him. I would have made fun of his ass. Especially if I was treated the way she was. They (Colton and Alicia) were so mean to her I was screaming at the tv.

People wrote some pretty mean stuff about him online. I'd hate to think what people would say about me if I was on Survivor. They probably want me to drown in the ocean or something like that.

But like I've said before I could not be on the show for a lot of reasons. I can't swim, I have skeletons in the closet, and I don't think I could handle the stinkyness. Nobody is bathing including yourself.

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