Monday, March 19, 2012

Definitely make Another Sandwich

I tried the Cordon bleu sandwich at Denny's and I didn't like it. they used breaded chicken strips instead of a patty. It was pretty dry. Plus the order of the ingredients in the sandwich was chicken strips, ham and cheese. I'm going to figure out a way to make a better version at home. That is a challenge I'm going to take. Maybe I'll make a hybrid of the Denny's sandwich and the old Cordon bleu they use to sell at Arby's.

I had this strange dream about Shirley. We were talking and I told her I was going to buy "Not Your Kind of People" and she was like "Ok." but in a nonchalant way.

Is it just me or does Christian Borle from Smash look Like John Linnell from They Might be Giants? I was wondering if other people my age who don't follow the theater know Bernadette Peters for anything more than voicing Rita the cartoon cat from Animaniacs?

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