Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rockabilly Jim

I went to fill out an application and be interviewed for a Halloween store.

The girl standing next to me was dressed in the hippie trend. She had fringe boots that reminded me of the ones Peter wore on The Monkees tv show. She also had a matching fringe vest. Love beads would have looked nice. You dig?

I stupidly forgot my pen. I had to borrow one from the hippie dressed girl. I did bring a clip board which I was instructed to. So I said she could used my clip board in exchange for the pen. And she did.

It took such a long time! Two and a half hours long! It reminded me of the celebrity signings I went to. Except there was no reward of meeting a celebrity at the end of the line. I was so tempted to call for a pizza to deliver to me at the line. (Somebody did this when I went to Golden Apple) They were taking people in 2 by 2. And there was a huge line!

I took a seat and sat in a strange position not because I was nervous, but because my back was sore.

There were 2 managers. The first guy did not speak properly. He kept saying "ax" for "ask". The other guy looked like a rockabilly version of Jim Halpert/John Krasinski. The rockabilly guy had distinctive tattoos. Some of anime characters, but I won't name the specific characters or series. I was going to mention it in the interview, but I wasn't sure.

My "qualifications" were that I'm one of the top contributor to yahoo answers Halloween section. Plus the address I use on my resume is the one I use for yahoo answers. I make sure not to write anything too silly or offensive. For some reason they liked that especially "Rockabilly Jim" :P I do like to help and get my jollies on there. My other one was that I love Halloween.

I'm going to use opposite logic this time and say I hope "I don't get it", so that I will. The chances are slim though. They are interviewing today and tomorrow. They are giving preference to people with retail experience. I probably have no chance in hell. *cue Vince's music*.

I'm upset that the paint already wore off my Maneki Neko. One of the eyes rubbed off. I quickly repaired it by drawing it back in with a ball point pen. @o@

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