Thursday, September 29, 2011

Resume Toast!

My dad took me to a job fair that was being held in the old district I use to go to high school in. When I read the paper they gave out before the job fair opened. I noticed it said "introductions" and "short speech". Knowing that this was being held at my old district no speeches are "short".

This one guy was trying to boost his cred or look like an everyman or something. Saying about how he went to the different schools in the district as a child/teen. And that he went to my former high school. He wanted people in attendance to applaud it. Because according to him "it's the best school around". Huh? :/ My old high school sucks they are not good. I wasn't proud that I went there. I would not applaud it. He also said he hangs out with his mom on the weekends who happens to still live in the neighborhood. TMI dude do I really need to know? As this was happening I was thinking "Blog in a bag! Slam dunk! This stuff writes itself."

It reminded me of when I was a junior in high school and my art class had to give a presentation about our projects. One of the principals or vice or co-principal (I forget which the administration at my high school was weird and never really cohesive) This person was no higher than a principal. Gave a speech for the art project presentation. I didn't see the need of it. It was just a presentation we did in the classroom. It wasn't an assembly or awards ceremony or anything.

Maybe they are members of Toastmasters or something. (When I was a freshman in college I thought Toastmasters had to do with toasted bread.)

I finally got my resume evaluated. With my input..sorta. Like always my dad kept talking over me. His bad advice was to use a bunch of stuff I did in 8th grade. He wanted me to put a club in high school I got kicked out of? He wanted me to make a resume like a writer. I'm not sure how that would work. I'm looking for entry level jobs. Non-writing jobs. I'll look for those after I get some degree.He didn't even want me to list that I went to high school and have a diploma. Of course I'm supposed to that is the highest level of education I completed. Sure I went to college, but I didn't graduate.

I was told to tailor my resume to every different position I'm applying to. That is way too complicated. I'll just sort of tweak it like I wouldn't send a food themed resume to an office job.

When I asked about providing a photo the lady gave me a WTH face. Even though I said "What if a really ugly person wants a job?" She told me since I'm not looking for modeling or acting jobs most places that require a photo are not legit. Well maybe a restaurant wants a really cute girl to cook burgers or something.

I personally think that too many non-job awards on a resume will make it look bloated. I was also told to get rid of hobbies. I only included that because I found it on a resume template.

My dad got mad because he didn't know what linkedin is. Why did he get mad when I said I wasn't going to do all the changes I was told to. It's my resume. I'm the one who's going to be using it.

The thing was mostly a bust. Most of what was there was agencies. I don't trust them. A lot of them just want your info. There were also a few MLMs scattered about. They didn't even have a map or diagram for all the places that were represented there. I shouldn't expect much since it was held in my old district.

He thought I had never been to a job fair before? What the fuck!? I've been to plenty at all the different colleges I went to.

And of course I got in trouble because my dad wandered off and couldn't find me. I hate when that happens! He blames it on me!

What the hell is a "dignitary senator" anyway? That title sounds made up. I even put it in Google with no explanation of the title. If you know what it is please leave a comment in the comments section.

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