Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been 10 years since. I remember it pretty well. I did mange to write about it in my diary. I was a senior in high school. September 11th is like Columbine in a way. Both events were tragic and I got the wrong info. In my time zone it happened early in the morning. At first I didn't know what was happening. My mom woke me up and told me what was going on. I thought she was joking or something. It was early and a long walk down the hall to the tv in the living room. I just turned on the radio in my room. It was hard to find the story. I ended up hearing an update on the Rick Dees show. I misheard the information and thought there were more planes headed to LA.

I got up to see what was on the tv. I couldn't stop watching it. It was addicting. I didn't know if there was school or not. When I called the attendance office I couldn't get anyone who spoke English. I went to school anyway.

When I got there I was asking around to see if anybody else knew what happened. My friend didn't know. When I went to school I was asking around about WWII and Pearl Harbor. I asked a few of my favorite former teachers if they knew what was going on. But everybody was too young to remember it. In first period we watched the news. Somebody in the class (not the teacher) insisted we watched Good Day LA. After first period I went to check on a different friend. In second period the teacher said she was aware what was going on, but we should work on our pots. (it was a ceramics class) In 3rd period we watched more footage. I procrastinated, so I needed to take my SATs soon. I was trying to fill out the form in class. Other people were telling me not to do it because all the planes were grounded and it would never make it to the place on time. This one guy in my class who was a conspiracy theorist said that America attacked itself. That guy was weird, and believed The Martix was real. He was a blowhard who had the answer for everything. I'm glad I don't see that guy anymore. I wonder why he was so popular? My French teacher didn't seem to care about it. At lunch I wasn't hungry, and I didn't feel like eating. I thought I should be nice to people. I was upset there wasn't a tv in my 6th period class. I asked the teacher what he thought about it, and how he'd rate it on a historical scale. I said I thought George W. was asking his dad for advice. Back then I use to confuse Gaddaffi with Bin Laden.

I wanted to watch Sailor Moon S on Kids' WB. I was sort of upset that I couldn't watch Sailor Moon. There was really nothing on, so I just watched old Saved by the Bell episodes. It was like the only thing on that wasn't coverage. It was the episode when Screech invents a pimple cream. I think I also watched some Sailor Moon videos.

Listening to the radio was strange. They were mostly playing Moby songs; like "Natural Blues". They said they weren't going to play songs like "Fuck Authority" by Pennywise. Loveline did a good job of covering it; like they did with Columbine.

Everything just felt dream-like.

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