Saturday, September 24, 2011

Benard is Back!

Back when I was about 11 I started making some comic about a bear named Benard. It was supposed to be Bernard, but I couldn't spell.

The problem with Benard was that it was too abstract. The comic dealt with things like relevant Halloween costumes, Benard's family and other stuff. I didn't make too many Benard comics. About less than 5. The 2 I remember making was his introductory comic and Halloween. I was really close to the Halloween one I thought it was really funny.

Back when I was in 8th grade there was an announcement that the school paper was looking for a cartoonist. I bought some of my best work to show the teacher in charge of it. One of the drawings I brought was of Minnie Mouse, and the teacher said they couldn't use it because that is a copyrighted character. The teacher didn't think the Benard comic was funny. She wanted a comic that dealt with school issues.

I tried to make it work, but it was hard. Benard is preschool aged or maybe he was in Kindergarten? He was no where near junior high age. He did have an older bother who was about 10, but the comic focused on Benard.

Originally the was pink, but I changed his color to blue, so people reading it wouldn't think he was a girl. He did wear a bowtie. He had a girlfriend named Bernia. I forget how it was spelled. I even wrote a song about Benard it was set to the tune of the English Beat's "Mirror in the Bathroom". It was pretty dumb. I wrote around the time I was getting into 2 tone ska.

Here is a drawing of Benard.

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