Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mundane Before the Terror

I saw an ABC news story looking back on September 10th 2001. It was about Michael Jackson's comeback concert. It was reported by Peter Jennings. Both of which are dead. We were concerned about what Gary Condit did or didn't do.

I was very happy that Sailor Moon was on Kids' WB. they were showing the Cloverway S series dub. The Cloverway Serena voice is so annoying. It was worse than the Dic voice.Drawn on September 4th 2001.

I used my best Sailor Moon stationary to write a letter to my dead friend who was alive at the time. She said her stationary was more conservative. I had bought the stationary many years ago. (I think in 8th grade) My dad convinced me to buy it at a Hot Topic store.

I should watch the old video I made recording the episodes for nostalgic purposes.

The episodes they showed were:
Crystal Clear Again
Damp Spirits
Hello Sailor Mini Moon
People Who Need People
Related by Destiny
Art Appreciation
Mimet's Mess

I was engrossed my first week of my senior year of high school. With people and their crazy hair styles. Liking and disliking who I had classes with. Struggling with math from the beginning. A computer class I didn't sign up for that my friend had, and we would joke around in. My frustration with ceramics class, and working with clay. I like to draw. People who recognized me, and I thought they didn't. I felt like the chansey in the Pokemon episode "Ignorance is Blissey". Feeling shy in my English class even though my friend was in the class.

I remember Blink-182 had a concert scheduled for the next day.

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