Sunday, September 4, 2011

Club Baseball!

I forgot to blog yesterday. I was at the baseball game. It was a concert series game with Ne-Yo. I thought it was going to be as bad or worse than the Ludacris concert.

I don't want to sound like those "fashion experts" or anything, I noticed that when there are concerts people come in strange outfits like they are just going to a concert, and not a concert after a baseball game. This isn't a club! What if there was baseball game fashion police for all the games? Wouldn't that be funny/weird?

Later on there were some rowdy seat hoppers. Which reminded me of a Seinfeld monologue about seat hopping adults who pretend there is a problem with the ticket. Which I can't seem to find online for some reason. I forget which episode it's from; possibly "The Letter"? It was funny when some of them didn't know that they stopped serving beer at the 7th inning.

This concert was also sponsored by Power 106.

I'm happy that the telethon has been cut down in hours. I don't have to watch some lame acts like puppets. It was kind of mean how they booted out Jerry though.

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