Saturday, August 6, 2011

Conan is not Conan

I'm very excited that UTB is showing anime again. They haven't since Lupin the 3rd series III concluded in late September 2010. They are showing Case Closed/Detective Conan. This should not be confused with that other Conan show with Mr. O'Brien.

They are going to show it during their kids' programming. I thought they were going to continue showing the Ultraman series. They showed Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia. I thought they were going to show Cosmos. This is also English subtitled. It's an ongoing series in Japan, so I'm not sure how long it's going to run on UTB.

I emailed the station in June to find out if they were going to show more anime. They told me that they were not going to show anime at 10PM on weekdays, but that were hoping to bring anime in the near future.

At the Angel game there were a lot of as my mom put it riffraff there for the Ludacris concert. I think it might have been sponsored by Power 106. I saw somebody there who looked like somebody from my past. I won't go into detail describing this person. I hope they didn't recognize me if it was them.

I was sitting near this female who was wearing her hair down and it was long-ish. She tousling with it. I hate to sound with my grandma, but it was annoying me! She was tousling with it so much she got relish in her hair from the hotdog she was eating. That's the problem with long hair it gets in everything. I wear my hair down, but I don't tousle it. I remember one time I wore my hair down and ate some messy food and got bbq sauce in it! Gross!

This time my dad did a better job of keeping score this time.

I really wanted to take my Cabbage Patch Doll to the game. He is baseball All-Stars edition and wears a "retro" Angels uniform. It was the current one in 1986. But I decided not to.

We left early and did not see the show. :(

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