Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glee 3D Concert Movie Review

I think I might be blacklisted for applying for jobs at that sandwich place I had to turn down. I feel like Elaine in The Race when she got blacklisted from Hop Sing's. Maybe I won't eat there. The sandwich place will not be named.

The review of the movie I'm going to write sounds like those horrible movie reviews people would write for my high school news paper. Where the review had little to do with the movie, and would go on and on about a bad date or something.

I went to see the Glee 3D movie I don't know how things work sometimes, so I can sound like such a Brittany P. I decided to wear something red since that is the school color of William McKinley High School. (the school in Glee for you non-Gleeks reading this) I was also going to wear a headband, but I couldn't find the one I wanted to wear.

I don't go the movies much, but do 3D movies cost more? I had a $10 gift card, so all I paid for was concessions. The price of the movie was all of the gift card.

When I went to the concession stand was thinking of buying a Icee, but decided against it since it was early in the morning and I needed some caffeine. I ordered a Cherry Coke. I also ordered a pretzel. Why are they so buttery with butter on top? I like my soft pretzels plain.

When I got into the theater nobody is there. I took the best seat. I wasn't expecting the 9:50AM showing of the Glee movie to be filled up. I figured the Gleeks wouldn't rise so early.

Somebody sitting near me was wearing some coconut smelling perfume or cream or something. It smelled more like a beauty product than food.

The butter or butter flavoring made my pretzel too salty. It made me really thirsty. I was thirsty before I went to the movies.

When the movie started there were less than 20 people maybe even less than 10. It was mostly teens and kids with their parents. I'm nice enough not to subject my parents to Glee. They don't like it.

They show way too many commercials!

When the movie finally started it's like a concert and there are fans jumping. I thought they were obnoxious theater goers jumping up and down in front of me. Something like that happened to me when I watched a Pokemon movie. I think it happened at that theater. Then I realized it was people in the audience of the concert in 3D!

I was happy that the other people watching the movie did not sing along. But if they wanted to promote singing they could have made the movie like an old sing-a-long cartoon with the words on the bottom of the screen.

The movie confused me because were they in character or what? Am I watching Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Mercedes? Or am I watching Lea, Cory, Chris, and Amber?

I felt like Wakko in the Animainiacs episode potty emergency. I wasn't even drinking an "Abyss Boy". I was so distracted by having to pee I was not enjoying the movie.

I left during "Forget You" and when I came back Kurt was singing and wearing a white bow tie. What did I miss? (Gleeks help me out here)

My glasses were falling down during "Born this Way". (when I was writing notes at home about the movie I wrote "Perform this Way" LOL!) They were falling because my nose is too small.

I didn't like the fan stories. I wish it just would have been a straight concert movie. I didn't mind the backstage stuff, and the fans at the concerts commentary like saying who their favorite character is. But the Mini Warbler was cute!

I really didn't see the point of it being in 3D. The only thing I really noticed that was in 3D was the streamers, Puck's hair and the audience. Some stuff in 3D just looked strange. I kinda like 2D Glee. I usually watch the show on an old late 90s Mangavox tv. I may or may not get it in HD. I'm not sure.

I wish there would have been a mention of or reference to Lord Tubbington.

I really just wanted to see Lea/Rachel. Who was featured prominently in the movie. If you are a fan of Jenna/Tina or Chord/Sam you will be disappointed.

I think it would have been more marketable to sell it on DVD.

The songs get stuck in your head.

Does anybody know where I can find a song list of all the songs that appeared in the movie in order?

I give it a 7/10 cause I'm feeling generous. There could have been some improvements.

Maybe I'll stick to watching my No Doubt movies.

The worst part was at the end when I was trying to make a phone call, and I thought my phone broke again. I was going to roam the mall looking for an elusive pay phone. Then my mom came and told me my phone wasn't broken. There was a blackout where we live. UGH!

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